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Florida Citizens for Social Reform (FCSR) is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization founded in 2004 by individuals concerned with the potential for escalating social unrest caused by inadequate life skills. We encourage citizens to actively participate in the political process and educate them on how to change public policy.We believe it is our responsibility as citizens to take an active role in our communities and to support well-intentioned policy makers and administrators in their mission to raise the quality of life for all citizens.

Through educational seminars, candidate forums, our website, events, lobby efforts and other forms of communication, FCSR seeks to influence public policy to create a better quality of life for us all.

FCSR is a non-profit social welfare organization organized under IRS 501(c) (4). Pursuant to IRS regulations, donations made to FCSR for membership or other purposes are not deductible as charitable contributions.

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The New Sweeping Changes in Florida Education

Major legislation has just passed. Find out what changes are coming to Florida Schools, as well as school programs that are already working
Date: June 17th at 10:30am
No cost.
Details on registration form.

Keynote Speaker: Carol Cook, Pinellas County School Board
Featured Speaker: Vernon Pickup-Crawford, Long Time Education Lobbyist

Past Events

Past Events

Examples of a few of the larger events we’ve held since 2004.

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Examples of workshops/seminars we’ve held to educate citizens.

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Other Activities

Our non-partisan approach to learning candidate positions on issues.

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