Reforming Florida’s School System

Some people are tirelessly doing something about helping to educate our children. We were honored to hear from the Foundation for Florida’s Future at our latest FCSR event.

At the event, “Reforming Florida’s School System”, we heard a fascinating review of wide ranging reforms that are occurring right now to better Florida’s entire educational system. How will these changes affect you, your children and your friends over the coming years, and which solutions are working and which ones will directly affect you over the next decade.

Speakers were:

Patricia Levesque, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Jeb Bush

Patricia-LevesquePatricia joined the Governor’s staff in October 2002 as the education policy coordinator and has been responsible for overseeing the development of the Governor’s education budget and statewide education policies and initiatives.


Mandy Fletcher, Executive Director, Foundation for Florida’s Future

patricialevesque Statewide organization created in concert with Governor Bush to implement educational reform and initiatives in Florida. The organization has raised nearly $2 million to carry out its mission.