What is Florida Citizens for Social Reform?

Florida Citizens for Social Reform (FCSR) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit advocacy organization founded in 2004 by individuals who have common goals in the area of social betterment.

What are the fundamental positions of FCSR?

We believe that public policy should support social programs that produce measurable results. We also believe that social betterment programs should be an investment in an individual and not simply a handout. To that end, we support activities that empower a person to succeed in life. Self-respect and a skill are more valuable than a lifetime of welfare or a state imposed dependency. Our definition for “best practice” derives from this concept of increasing one’s ability to function as a contributing member of society independent of government or community support.

What are the Main Activities of FCSR?

FCSR sponsors forums, publishes educational materials and meets with community leaders, government officials and lawmakers. We encourage citizens to take an active role in their government.

What is FCSR trying to accomplish?

FCSR seeks to create community and government support for social betterment programs that effectively restore initiative and create more personal freedom to those individuals who are participants in these programs. In accomplishing its long-term mission, FCSR seeks to save tax dollars by reducing the need for government spending to handle these social problems.

What Areas of Social Reform does FCSR Deal With?

  • Literacy Improvement and Learning Skills
  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment
  • Character Development & Family Values
  • Public Safety and Civil Liberties
  • Constitutional Rights and the Responsibilities of Citizenship
  • Health and Wellbeing of First Responders and Military Personnel

Is FCSR affiliated with a political party?

No, FCSR is non-partisan, and is concerned only with issues. FCSR does not endorse or support candidates for elected office.

How is FCSR funded?

FCSR is funded by private individuals concerned with societal decline.

Are my contributions or membership fees tax deductible?

No, contributions to this type of organization are not tax deductible, per the Internal Revenue Code.

How will I be kept informed about issues and activities?

In addition to FCSR events and briefings that will be held throughout the year, the FCSR website at floridacsr.org will provide a forum to learn about FCSR, as well as find out about issues, programs, legislation, upcoming events and more.